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I am Chef G. Lynn Sharp and I love cooking. I have been in the food Industry for 44 years. I have grown to love herbs and spices. I have also learned their most important role of bringing depth, complexity and uniqueness to any meal by building layers upon layers of flavor to make the most simple meal taste extraordinary.

Most spice blends are packed with salt and just a small amount of spices and herbs. So I took my 44 years of experience and finally perfected my unique Chef Blends. Using the freshest ingredients to create a one of a kind taste that has less salt and more spice and herbs than the other brands. Doing this enables Eating Sharp’s Chef Blends to build a complex depth of flavor that you will not find in others. We make our blends in small batches to ensure the integrity of our recipes and deliver you Chef Blends finest.

Here is my journey!

I started in Fresno, California as a busboy at the chain of restaurants called "Happy Steak". I worked there for several years and working my way up to Cook/Broiler Cook. In my senior year of high school I worked at Nicholas, a fine Italian restaurant. When I worked there it was the #1 restaurant in Fresno and #9 in California's San Joaquin Valley. I later went off to college in Phoenix, Arizona where I worked for The Cork n Cleaver, Ernesto's Backstreet, to name a few, and later with Marriott Hotels and Resorts where I became the Assistant Banquet Chef at Marriott's Mountain Shadows. While at Mountain Shadows, I was able to be part of the team that changed their Continental Cuisine Restaurant to a new hip Oyster Bar and Seafood restaurant called "Shells Oyster bar and Sea Food”

In the winter of 1999, I found myself in Portland Oregon and out of a job. The company that moved me there in 1997 was downsizing and my position was eliminated. I was soon hired by ARAMARK as a cook and worked in their Correctional Food Service Division. Within a short year and two months, I became a Food Service Director in one of the jails that they managed. From there, I have worked as a Bartender, barista, Waiter, Restaurant/Pub manager, Food Service Director of a Mental Health Recovery Center, a sales clerk and a food director for a vending company that also Managed the kitchen of the parochial schools in town and did caterings for The Gap Destitution Center in Fresno California for about 1100 meals each event.

Now I am working in the assisted Living Arena since February 2016

In 2010, I started Eating Sharp by making YouTube cooking videos in my brothers’ kitchen (73+ videos to date). Find me on Youtube @GLynnSharp. You can also visit me at www.facebook.com/eatingsharp

Foremost Spice Blends in the San Joaquin Valley

Start using the best quality products in the San Joaquin Valley come to Eating Sharp! Our On-Line store provides top quality products for you and your family to enjoy. Our store is located on line so it is easy to find us and contact us through our website for any deliveries or inquires. We are proud of what we sell- All Chef Blends start at $5 plus shipping- and we want you to enjoy Our unique blends in the comfort of your own home so, drop in and check it out today.

Our Products and Services

Although Chef Blends is not a brick and mortar store, Eating Sharp take special care to list all of our products online. For our customers, Eating Sharp has spared no expense laying out all of our Blends in a logical, reasonable way, whether you need it for today or in the future. With our 11 different blends and more on the way, We are sure that we have a flavorful blend that is perfect for you. Our inventory is always full and you won't find our products in your grocery store. In case you need help, you can always submit questions.


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